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Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk

 His Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk)

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Many of you have been inquiring about possible donations to support Ukraine. 
Our recommendation is:
The Catholic Near East Welfare Association  (CNEWA) which works directly with Caritas Ukraine:https://cnewa.org/ca/donate/
“Support Ukraine and our nation in prayer...
I ask all those who heard our voice from Kyiv flowing with blood: fight for peace... 
Intercede for those who require your aid… 
Do everything so that the aggressor retreat and leave the land of Ukraine... 
Whoever you may be, whether you are leaders in parliament, politicians, military personnel or church leaders,
do you work, say your word to support Ukraine…
In the name of God, receive those who knock at the door of your homes…
But we ask the world today to be in solidarity with us and not to remain silent, because the word saves,
the word builds peace. Silence and indifference kill.”
From appeal of
His Beatitude, Sviatoslav of Kyiv and Halych,
Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church